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disclaimer; [Nov. 9th, 2020|11:11 am]
[Current Music |fat bottomed girls//glee cast]

this journal contains slash fanfiction, but it's friends-locked. add to read. if it doesn't float your boat, feel free to navigate everything else freely.
f-locked july 2012.
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Helpful Tools: Warped Tour Outfits [Jun. 16th, 2010|06:39 pm]
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[Current Music |Damned if I do Ya - All Time Low]

Ignited by Joey and Bradley's bro-shopping-date settling on twitter, and deeply concerned in the boys' fashion choices for this summer, I drew this. A certain Alejandro claims that he will be breaking all the rules (which is fine by me, really, but I hope to see him when Warped comes around to SoFLo in mid-July and he's cooking in his own skin. Carne asada, anyone?)

On to the clothes!~Collapse )
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Helping Friends [Jun. 14th, 2010|09:49 pm]
[Tags|, ]
[Current Music |Lapland - Ratatat]


Check out this snazzy comm run by the lovely canadiankracka , and if you so desire snag this banner and put it up wherever here:

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Tools of the Trade: Who I Am [Jun. 13th, 2010|03:49 am]
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[Current Music |Who I Am - Nick Jonas & The Administration]

21 icons,
8 DeLeon;
7 Marshall;
2 Johnson;
1 Joey; &
* 3 Marshall & Bradley.

I want someone to love me for who I am;Collapse )
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(no subject) [May. 23rd, 2010|04:26 am]
[Current Music |Layla (Cover) - Ian Crawford]

I've had an awesome night staying up and talking to some of my favorite people ever. it kinda sucks that all of them are so far away-- the closest is in atlanta. it also sucks that my parents don't understand how important these kids are to me. they say I should go out and be more social in the real world or whatever but to be honest there's no changing the fact that my best friends are on the internet and I met them on the internet. I have really high hopes of seeing Ayla this summer, either her coming down here or me going up there.

summer is almost here, holy shit.

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(no subject) [May. 21st, 2010|08:43 pm]
[Tags|, , , , , , , , , , , ]
[Current Music |Locked Up - The Cab]

24 icons,
7 DeLeon;
3 Marshall;
1 Johnson; &
* 13 assorted including Thunder, Crawford, Colligan, Wentz, Pope, Dales, Wronski, Bowen, Kusterbeck, & Williams plus the above.

I got rid of my kryptonite;Collapse )

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Helpful Tools: Cash versus Ke$ha [May. 7th, 2010|05:13 pm]
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[Current Music |The Boys You Do - The Summer Set]

I had to.

Wake up in the mornin' feelin' like Cash Money;Collapse )
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Tools of the Trade: Mugshots icon pack [May. 4th, 2010|04:47 pm]
[Tags|, , , , , , , ]
[Current Music |La La Land - Demi Lovato]

12 icons; assorted Angels & Kings mugshots (NYC & Chicago.)

It's only a crime if I get caught...Collapse )

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Today... [Apr. 29th, 2010|09:02 pm]
[Current Music |Like A Virgin - Madonna]


Marks a year since I moved to The States.

that is all.
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Tools of the Trade: Freebird & Friends icon pack [Apr. 27th, 2010|10:46 pm]
[Tags|, , , , ]
[Current Music |While The Fire Was Out - Brighten]

45 icons,

43 ian; &
2 miscellaneous.


little lady on the moon, close your eyes;Collapse )


little lady on the moon, close your eyes;Collapse )


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